Application Instructions for Outhouses

Easy Application
When outhouses pits are pumped in the fall, leave 4” to 6” of water in bottom.
If the pit has already been pumped clean, add at least 6” of water at the beginning of the next season.
Each year, you will dose pits with an initial treatment followed by weekly maintenance treatments.

Initial Treatment: Wait until the outhouses have had some use in order to provide food for Bio-Clean. Make sure there is ample water (6’’) in the base and then apply 3 cups of Bio-Clean to the outhouse. If additional water is needed, mix Bio-Clean into it before applying if possible.

Weekly Maintenance Treatment:
For heavily used outhouses, apply 5 cups per week.
For medium used outhouses, apply 3 cups per week.
For low used outhouses, apply 1 cup per week.
*Each 25lb pail of Bio-Clean contains 65 cups


If the floating material begins to increase in thickness, increase the dosage so that the only floating matter is new waste that has had no time to break down.

Do not use Pit Chemicals or deodorizers. They only mask the odour temporarily and inhibit Bio-Cleans action. Most are detrimental to the environment as well.

For leaking vaulted toilets and pit toilets, keep the waste wet by applying 5-10 gallons of water when required or else the bacteria will dehydrate from lack of water.