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Bio-Clean was recommended by a local plumber to keep my drains open following a clog. He said it is good for the septic tank, too. I took his advice and have used Bio-Clean for the past 3 or 4 years. A little expensive but worth the money.


Bio-Clean is great!

I thought I would give this a try as my last resort before I placed a call to a plumber to take a look at my kitchen as the water has been draining slow for the last 2 weeks and you could also hear noises coming from the drain as if water was coming back up. Well to my surprise it seemed to have worked. I followed there instructions and used it for 3 nights and the drain is fine now. I am Very happy that I didn’t have to incur additional cost by having to call a plumber.


Problem Solved!

The product is used for the holding tanks in our 5th wheel. We don’t use anything else as it’s easy and fairly economical.

Connie Brown

Not just for septic tanks

I recently heard about Bio-Clean from a friend of mine who belongs to our RV Group (Scotian Roamers) and I thought I would try it.

I found it to be a great product! For example, it eliminated the bad odour when you dumped out your Black & Grey Water Tanks; everything in the tank became liquid; no more odour in the bathroom; keeps your sensors clean.

I am really sold on the product!

D. P. Langille

I previously wrote in August 2002, to tell you how well your product worked to solve a household plumbing problem of mine.

Since then, my wife and I have found a new use for Bio-Clean. We are strong supporters of recycling and composting and try to do oue share to help the environment. We found that our compost bin filled rather quickly and that the activity was too slow. We could not add any material to the bin all winter because when the bin was full, it would not go down until we extracted some compost soil from the bottom of the bin during the warmer seasons. Even throughout the spring, summer, and fall, the activity was very slow.

Then, this summer my wife decided to add Bio-Clean as directed to the bin. She stirred and turned over the material as usual. Within a few months, the material in the bin went down by about two thirds! It was truly amazing! We now have greatly increased the compost soil which we can use around the yard, and have probably doubled the capacity for composting.

I would also like to tell you about an experience my father had with your product which I can attest to. Dad has a 50 year old house and plumbing system. The sewage system consists of a double compartment concrete box (cesspool) under his front lawn in which the solids and liquids enter the first compartment and in which the liquids overflow in the second. Periodically, every 4 to 5 years, he has to remove the sods to reveal the cesspool, lift the heavy concrete covers, and pump the solids out.

Then about 15 years ago, he began using Bio-Clean regularly. Five years later, he decided to pump the cesspool as usual. I was there to witness this, and to our great surprise, there was nothing in both compartments but liquid! He never has had to pump his cesspool in the last 15 years, and probably never will have to do it again as long as he continues to use your product.

Once in a while, a product comes along which works as good or maybe better than it promises. Thank you for a product that really works!

Wayne LeBlanc, P. Eng.

Thanks a lot for your impressive and fast working Bio-Clean. After purchasing your starter kit and training tapes, I was called out to do an estimate on a broken sewer pipe. When I got there, the septic tank was bubbling out of the ground. The customer informed me this had been happening for over a month. My recommendation was to pump the septic tank and then use Bio-Clean, as it has a money back guarantee. If that didn’t work, a new field would have to be dug. I followed the directions on the can and force-fed the Bio-Clean into the leach lines where solids backed up to the septic tank. I was instructed to have the leach field lines pumped out and then use Bio-Clean, as per the instructions on the can. I went back to this job four days later to rooter out the lines with a four inch cable. There was nothing left to rooter!! No backing up! And when I retrieved the cable it was completely clean!
Thanks Again

B. Heitchew

Just a note to let you know what a great product you have. We have been distributing Bio-Clean for over 10 years now. Our customers love the results, and are always coming back for repeat purchase. They say they will never buy a store shelf product again. Drain Treatment, Septic Tank Bacteria, Drain Bed Cleaner. ALL IN ONE! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?


Derek McAllister   -  A-1 Septic Tank Limited

This is the second time that I have used this and it really works well. This time I used it for my camper holding tanks to get them really clean before winter storage. I am amazed at how well this works!

Michelle Brandie

This stuff works!

I have tried for the past three years to get my shower drain working without running slow every month. I have tried all kinds of drain unclogging products; with NO permanent success! They make it, I have tried it! While looking at the positive comments on this product from other customers, I figured, this cannot be worst that the others and if half of the feedback is true, well then I have found THE PRODUCT! I followed the instructions for a floor drain (three table spoons for one and a half liter of warm water for five consecutive days). And a monthly maintenance, that is recommended (has not been a month yet). It has been TWO WEEKS now and that drain is running like it was just installed 26 years ago! One container will last me at least two years and will keep the plumber out of my home for the duration. Super satisfied, highly recommend this product! Great Stuff! (Just be careful taking the instructions out of the container, small inconvenience for such a great product)

Wow, this product really WORKS!

We’ve been using this for years on our gray water pits. It works like magic! One pit was almost non functional and over several treatments it worked like new.

This works!