Bio Clean 25lb Pail


BIO-CLEAN IS…a unique blend of all natural bacteria and enzymes used to eliminate waste buildup in plumbing and septic systems.


Our enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market and is delivered to you in powder form to retain potency and maximize effectiveness.

Unlike liquid treatments which usually only contain 1 or 2 types of enzymes, BIO-CLEAN’S powdered form contains 4 different types! This allows it to treat the 4 types of waste (protein, grease, carbohydrates, fibre) found in every system.

Our powdered Bio-Clean formula in a re-sealable 25 lb. pail. Ideal for commercial customers or large clean-up jobs.

1,200 Drain Treatments per 25lb container!

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Net Weight 25lbs (11.3kg)